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In preparing to write Touchpoint Leadership: Creating collaborative energy across teams and organisations  (Kogan Page 2013), which was motivated by a growing erosion of trust in leadership, I wrote down two questions:


  • What if we were to value relationships as a core asset of government, of business, of society?  
  • What if we could connect in such a way that we could help generate positive energy and optimise our inherent diversity?


It was essential that the book should be written as a collaborative project – and by that I mean each chapter jointly drafted and edited with my co-author. It was certainly challenging and there were lots of raw moments but we got there, greatly supported by our editor Martina O’Sullivan (now Publisher at Penguin Business).


Martina later described our working partnership as “…an inspirational insight into how an author team can and should work together effectively.”



A year later I contributed a chapter to Leadership Team Coaching in Practice: Developing High-Performing Teams, this time writing in partnership with the CEO of an NHS Trust. A second edition was published in 2018.





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 Leadership Team Coaching in Practice