The world is changing so rapidly that it's difficult to try and forecast anything with certainty. But what we probably do know is that our capacity to be fully present, morally responsible and connected to a shared purpose is essential to our collective sustainability...


Effective organisations depend on a complex network of relationships that have the capacity to draw individuals together to achieve a clear and shared purpose. These relationships are a core asset of the business, helping form connections that have the capacity to generate positive energy, to optimise their inherent diversity and allow sufficient curiosity to hold the organisation at its learning-edge.


It's at these points of connection that leadership actually happens - whole groups of people prepared and able to act collaboratively to achieve a common goal. And it's with this understanding of leadership that I now integrate individual and team coachingproviding a means of working with the tremendous potential that emerges as we explore the connections engendered by the relationships that in turn enable the effective leadership of the business. 


I have documented examples of working with clients in this way in "Touchpoint Leadership: Creating collaborative energy across teams and organizations- published by Kogan Page in 2013 - with some further thinking behind the book included here. I have also contributed a chapter to "Leadership Team Coaching in Practice: Developing High-Performing Teams", edited by Peter Hawkins and illustrating how leadership team coaching techniques have been applied internationally.


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