Jacqui Scholes-Rhodes


Every time I feel the urge to write I let go of all the inhibitions that try to warn me about the rules and abandon myself to everything that emerges. And then I dedicate myself to planning madly, nudging the story into shape as the rest of life fits in around the thrill of seeing words forming on the page.


And then there’s reading, as much a pleasure as the writing.


I love the Hyddenworld of William Horwood, the people of Colm Tóibín’s Ireland, the magic of Eowyn Ivey’s Alaska and Hilary Mantel’s detail. I’ve plunged into the ocean of M.L.Stedman many times and been all the way to Russia with Shamim Sarif. And then I’ve turned to Haruki Murakami and felt reassured by his simple prose.


Curiosity constantly drives me on, at the moment drawing me into the last days of the people of St Kilda, the amazing power of music to heal and connect, and the mysteries of the human mind.


I’m currently working on my first historical novel, inspired by a real story of a family split apart in 1940s Poland and exploring the question: which stories of the past should we tell and which should we leave untold?


My second novel is set in Italy, England, and France.