“Her work in action research and knowledge generation in particular living action research accounts of her practice are at the cutting edge of knowledge creation. She is challenging and persistent in a highly professional and non aggressive way and brings deep insights to her work.” (Asst. Professor, Fukuoka Prefectural University)
“...throughout I very much appreciated the balanced advice from someone with such a good grasp of the context.” (Marketing Director, Healthcare)

“You are able to articulate stuff that is barely discernible and by doing so you add to its discernment.” (Senior Business Leader)

“By responding so intuitively, but expertly, to the people you work with you show how values and actions can be woven together.” (Senior Leader, Education)“I have seen a transformation in her in the last two months – she is a joy to work with.” (MD, Retail)

“When you asked me ’is there a different way to be?’ I had no idea how to answer your question. And then the ideas just began to flow...I love your philosophical insights." (Finance Director)

“An expert-facilitator, who loves what she does, is inspiring at what she does, shows the strengths and dilemmas of others as they struggle towards greater cohesion.” (Senior Academic and Leader, Education)

“The value attached to the way in which Jacqui handled these discussion led me to ask her to run a workshop for the recently appointed buy-in team to help them explore their styles and to help the ‘team’ understand how it could react, and the drivers behind those reactions.” (HRD, Private Equity)

“Thank you for the skills and perception you have brought to our events - it really has enabled me to stand back and be part of the discussion, which was really important for me, whilst knowing that you were able to make the day a success and give people appropriate coaching to get the best out of them.” (Senior Leader, Energy Services)

“...a highly dedicated professional with a strong degree of integrity.” (Consultant, Netherlands)

"Clear attention and focus – with deep support throughout"

 “The constructive discussion they have had amongst themselves tells me that the 'trust' has returned and they are now trying to take the problem on and get it solved" (Finance Director, Energy)

“I have seen a significant step change in the way the team are stepping up to the plate and dealing with some of the issues we have.” (CEO, Healthcare)

“It was very gratifying for me to make some sense of all the ideas which have been milling around in my head, and actually have a real plan of action to work towards.” (Independent Coach, South Africa)

“I really appreciated the depth of your intelligence and awareness – and the acuteness of your listening and questioning skills.  Felt so much clearer and stronger afterwards.  You helped me distil the complexity.”

"She shows through her supportiveness and her curiosity that no areas are out of bounds in the conversation."

"...a quiet authority and presence that immediately creates a space of mutual trust and respect"