Individual Coaching 


As we step into our leadership roles we must always ask "who and how am I as a leader?" Being able to lead in this way requires a practice of mindful attention and a willingness to remain aware and open to the new ideas and insights it may generate...  


By providing a space in which to explore, rehearse and make connections 1:1 coaching can help individuals develop a sense of their own authentic leadership while also exploring its potential impact on colleagues, clients and stakeholders.


Drawing on a mix of personal insights, collective learning, and real-life examples each leader is encouraged to form their own vision of current and future leadership, holding themselves to account against clear and robust values whilst also working with their peers and stakeholders to ensure it is built on sound moral principles and fully aligned to the business strategy.    


Programmes are usually developed over six to twelve months, can be facilitated both face to face and/or via Skype and where appropriate can include ad hoc support via email. It can also be supported by team or relationship coaching, and by live action coaching - where coaching is offered as an integral part of the day to day work of the leader.


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"When you asked me 'is there a different way to be?' I had no idea how to answer your question. And then the ideas just began to flow..." (Senior Leader, Financial Services)


“By responding so intuitively, but expertly, to the people you work with you show how values and actions can be woven together” (Senior Leader, Education)


"Since I began the programme...I feel like a totally different person. I've left the transactional behind...I love the breadth of my leadership role and am doing things now that I would never have dreamt I'd be doing." (Executive Director, Transport)