Collaborative Inquiry Workshops 


We can all continually learn and long as we remain free in our thinking and constantly re-frame the questions to expand the possibilities...


Collaborative inquiry helps participants co-create a space in which they can focus on those questions that have real meaning for them and for their business. Learning to listen is a simple but critical first step. Mutual trust and openness are also key, enabling each participant to voice ideas and insights that may otherwise remain hidden behind the group's habitual behaviours and assumptions. It's critical that participants are prepared to let go of these learnt ways of thinking and doing, suspending judgement and allowing the inquiry to take them into new and possibly unanticipated directions.


The work often starts with a request to help resolve a critical issue. In some cases a workshop may be the best way to initiate the inquiry, helping draw the collective energy of the group towards the questions that matter most for them. In other cases it may be more helpful to start with a series of one to one conversations, helping each participant articulate the questions that have meaning for them before sharing a summary of the conversations with the whole group.


Whichever approach we choose the group will quickly move towards the focus of its inquiry, working together with a collective energy for what they know is critical to their shared success. 


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“An expert-facilitator, who loves what she does, is inspiring at what she does, shows the strengths and dilemmas of others as they struggle towards greater cohesion”. (Senior Leader, Education)


"You are able to articulate stuff that is barely discernible and by doing so you add to its discernment" (Senior business leader)