Coach Supervision & Supervision Training


Supervising 1:1 and Team Coaches


I am passionate about helping develop mastery in coaching, and specialise in supervising both 1:1 and team coaches across the three broad functions, defined by Hawkins and Smith in Coaching, Mentoring and Organisational Consultancy: Supervision, Skills and Development (2013) as:

  • Developmental: reflection on and exploration of the supervisees' work with their clients 
  • Resourcing: attending to and dealing with the emotional impact of client work
  • Qualitative: paying attention to and handling complex boundary and ethical issues

Whether supervising one on one, or with cohorts of coaches where there are sufficient clients in the system to ensure confidentiality, I bring a specific focus to the system dynamics of the coach/client relationship - working specifically with the seven-eyed model developed by Hawkins and Shohet in Supervision in the Helping Professions (2012) and with the team supervision model developed by Hawkins in Leadership Team Coaching: Developing Collective Transformational Leadership (2014).  


I aim to work face to face in the UK wherever possible, and particularly when supervising team coaches, and via Skype for international and non-local clients.


Coach Supervision Training


I also provide supervision on supervision for the Bath Consultancy Group's supervision training programme leading to the EMCC Certificate in the Supervision of Coaches, Mentors and Consultants.


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“It was very gratifying for me to make some sense of all the ideas which have been milling around in my head, and actually have a real plan of action to work towards”. (Independent coach, South Africa)


"Clear attention and focus – with deep support throughout"


"It was a hguely helpful session...I learned a great deal in those short hours. You have a powerful presence and held all our stray cat thoughts and different ego needs so safely - thank you!"  


"A lot of learning, a lot of very helpful supervision".


“I really appreciated the depth of your intelligence and awareness – and the acuteness of your listening and questioning skills.  Felt so much clearer and stronger afterwards.  You helped me distil the complexity”.