Business Partner Development


Business partnering is well-established as a model in HR, and increasingly so in Finance and IT. The same challenges can arise for other specialist functions, such as Regulatory Affairs, where the organisation needs to co-create partner values and behaviours that will serve across the business.  


By combining individual/team coaching, inquiry facilitation and action learning the approach:


Helps identify the pivotal relationships and supports individual partners as they explore their own partnering role

Draws on the collective insights of the business partners as they establish their impact locally, and facilitates an inquiry around the emerging business model

Strengthens functional leadership

of the wider group as they balance the apparent ‘either/or’ dilemmas which are generated by the multiple business agendas

Puts the focus on working together as a specialist community across the business, able to learn together and offer mutual support


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“Thank you for the skills and perception you have brought to our events - it really has enabled me to stand back and be part of the discussion, which was really important for me, whilst knowing that you were able to make the day a success and give people appropriate coaching to get the best out of them” (Finance Director, Energy Services)