Action Research Mentoring


Action research is based on a series of action-reflection cycles that are used to improve professional practice. The cycles start with the focus on what the practitioner wishes to improve, the creation of action plans, acting and gathering data to make a judgement about the effectiveness of the actions, evaluating the effectiveness of the actions, and then modifying concerns, action plans and actions in the light of the evaluations.


Having developed my own PhD using action research – through the Centre for Action Research in Professional Practice, formerly at the University of Bath, – I offer support to individuals and groups who are keen to create their own inquiry and development work using a similar approach. This is usually in the form of mentoring, helping define a Living Theory of practice, and can in some cases be extended to a supervision relationship. Examples of action research theses, including my own, can be found at


I also support the work of fellow practitioners globally through my role as a peer reviewer of the Educational Journal of Living Theories (EJOLTS). My own article, "Exploring an extended role for coaching - through the eyes of an action researcher" was published in December 2010. (


“Her work in action research and knowledge generation in particular living action research accounts of her practice are at the cutting edge of knowledge creation. She is challenging and persistent in a highly professional and non aggressive way and brings deep insights to her work”. (Asst. Professor, Fukuoka Prefectural University)